Friday, February 26, 2010

Births and Deaths

Latest news:

My fellow blogger Softly Spoken has a new addition to her family. (not her but someone else in the family). New baby boy.

My aunt, Z's mom, lost her dad today on Rabiul Awwal 12. Either last week or the week before she lost her unlce, dad's brother. Her dad has been bed ridden for about 6 years now.

My middle child has been losing his temper a lot lately. He hits his sister constantly making me lose my patience. I do not know why. Out of nowhere he'll just hit her. She used to do that to him when he was younger. What goes around comes around?

It seems more and more people are becoming hopeless these days. They make death look like a picnic or something. As if life is trivial, you die and that is the end of it. Being a Muslim, we know that there is life after death. For all the deeds you did while on earth, you will be paid in full after death.

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