Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Years 2010

Almost a whole decade has gone by since I was in high school. Our 10 year reunion is next year. This year has flew by. There were many ups and downs as it is with life. Divorces and deaths along with births and marriages.

I should have done this last night but with the kids it was kind of difficult and I was super tired. New Year's Eve was spent at my mom's until around 9-ish. Then I put the kids in bed, gave hubby a New Year's Night smooch. He was like, "Is it new year's already?" I was like no, but I'll be asleep at that time. I normally wait for the clock to count down. This year I did not have the energy for it.

Deaths: Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Walter Kronkite, and many more to list. Suraiah Miah, Adnan's grandma.

Births: Jayan H., Fateha C., Sal A., Zayd, Sara R., Nadira L.,Yousuf K., Adian, Ayyan, Suraya, Salman, Fatima, Mohammed *Just to name a few :-)

Marriages: Nipa, Liz C.,

Divorces: R.A, Sh.A.

Visas 2009: The last of our family from Bangladesh came to America. My aunt and her 4 daughters. Also Izzy and Riffy's hubby's from BD came too.

There are many more that I am probably forgetting and I do apologize for my short term and long term memory.

My predictions of what will happen in the year 2010:
More additions to the family, one happening in a couple of weeks actually. More marriages in the family (inshallah) and may more happiness and success (inshallah).

We bought our first ever house in 2009 and that was super exciting.
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