Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Its not what you wear but how you wear it..

Clothes never made the man but they sure seem to distinguish who he is nowadays. Where a person lives, eats, breathes says alot about him and people make assumptions based on his personal tastes. There comes a point in a person's life when we need to stop caring about what others are thinking about us. If we fear people so much that we cannot live our true life, then we truly have not lived. I live in the city of D and when people think of this city they automatically assume the people in this city are lazy bums who are worthless, even lower than animals.

I once had a far away relative make a comment about my neighborhood that pissed me off. He said something along the lines of: "I didn't think actual people lived in this neighborhood." This man's comment disgusted me. I hardly invite others over but not because of that comment but mainly because its really small. Whenever guests come over there's no place to sit and I'm so embarrassed. I should not be embarrassed but their eyes say it all. No one ever sits more than a few minutes at a time unless they are like my close family who are used to the congested space. I rather like this house because of its smallness. With three kids and a small house its easier to keep track of everyone.

As you know my son is potty training so whenever he needs to go, he just tells me and I shove him along to the potty, EVERY FIVE MINUTES OF EVERY HOUR. I'm getting used to and so is he.

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supreem said...

screw what anyone else says, a person who is comfortable with you will be comfortable with you regardless of where you are. :) people who don't accept your neighborhood are just shallow.

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