Friday, December 11, 2009

friday flashbacks

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A relative of mine was being harassed by his aunt as to why he wasn't married yet. His reply, "I'm gay." and that ended the conversation.
I'm super excited about potty training my son. He grunts or farts on the toilet and claims "he's done".
My youngest had an appointment this week that I so did not want to go to. On the morning of the appointment, I woke up at 10:40. The appointment was at 10:30. It still needs to be rescheduled. Along with my daughter's eye appointment that we missed about a month ago. I do care about my children's health and well being, just in case you wanted to know.
The mice in the house seemed to have calmed down a bit. Where before they were taking over the house so much that I had to leave the house to my mom's, now they only come out after 9 pm to play. We are DEFINITELY getting more poison over the weekend and setting up the sticky traps.


Kara @ His, Hers and Ours said...

Haha about the gay comment!! Whoops! Glad it worked though! Sounds like aunty needs to back off a bit.

I'm looking forward to no diapers...but can't say I'm looking forward to the potty training part. Yikes!

You are not alone with the doctor's appointments. I promise. You just have the courage to put it out there! I, do not!! lol

Have a great weekend!!

Frank Jump said...

I would think that would open up a new can of worms. We got married because we were told we can't. After twenty years together, I imagine no piece of paper or public acceptance would make a difference. But in reality, it does. Too bad this country isn't ready for change.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Good luck with the potty training...I don't miss those days. ;)

Too funny that you overslept the time of the appointment by 10 minutes...oops! Sometimes those appointments are inconvenient - if they wouldn't take so long (the 'hurry-up-and-wait' mode in the waiting room followed by another round in the examination room) I wouldn't drag my feet as much, either. :)

Mice in the house are annoying. So far we've been lucky this year, but it's only recently gotten really cold out, so I'm making sure there are no crumbs anywhere. Which is impossible with Princess Nagger always snacking in odd places. ;)

Happy FF late! :)

Mrs4444 said...

fyi, I'm unable to comment on your two posts past this one--it says something about it being impossible at this time, for some reason.

Haha on the noisy family member.

So, so glad to be past those potty training days/weeks/months....

Hope you're having a good week :)

Softly Spoken said...

Lol. Fun!

I hate and am scared of mice. I saw one the other day and I screamed so loud my oldest bil in the house frantically opened their door only to end up cracking up at me.

The poor mouse on the other hand ran into the wall (probably cause I screamed and freaked him/her out) and then ran behind my fridge.

Eww eww eww.

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