Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fill a whole bazaar!

The other day I was at my mom's. It was my niece, my 3 kids, me, my mom and dad. Dad got home late. All his grand babies were up. None asleep! He was like, "I have 4 grand babies from one son and one daughter. What's going to happen when I marry the rest off. The whole bazaar will be filled." It was just super cute. No matter how crazy they drive him and my mom with their endless crying, they still are grandparents at heart who love their grand babies.

My hubby's bff had a son at 5:30 am. His wife went to the hospital the previous day at 5:30 and one day later, they welcome into the world a brand new baby boy. He has not been named yet.

My cousin,S and hubby M (love those initials for various reasons) had a baby girl. They named her Maida.

My aunt is still in recovery from her C-section. She had 3 surgeries to stop the bleeding. She will be in ICU for a few days. Baby is doing fine, alhamdulilah.

What a mother must go through to bring her kids into this world and then raise them to be civilized human beings worthy of respect is even more work.

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Lisa said...

Your father's comments re: how many grandchildren he will have was cute. It's lovely that he and your mother get to spend that kind of time with your children. I regret that my parents and children have never had that, as we live in different countries. Enjoy and appreciate each other.

Lisa (ICLW #195 Your Great Life)

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