Thursday, October 29, 2009

Don't be Afraid! It'll be Ok..

The best scare tactic I use with my kids is not to scare them but to look like I'm super serious and to follow through with whatever I said I was going to do. Some people love scaring their kids/nieces/grand kids into doing what they want them to. I HATE that technique.

I remember last year when some relatives were over and my daughter would not do as told. No kid does as he/she is told 100% of the time. None! So these relatives figured out that she is afraid of the sound a police car makes and would say, "the police are going to come and get you." My daughter would have such panic attacks I wanted to knock some sense into them for starting it. It took this sweet girl probably a couple of years to figure out that the police were not really coming after her. My son on the other hand is scared of anything loud and is a machine or appliance. He is scared of the blender, hand mixer and vacuum so far. I hate to see fear in kids. HATE IT!! It should never be encouraged.

The Sahabis (people who got to see the Prophet Muhammad alive and became Muslims and died Muslims) always taught their kids courage and never fear. These kids are still remembered for their courage and valor. I want that for my kids forever and always. I want them to have courage in their hearts against evil since that is what seems to be most of the world these days. Inshallah it will get better.

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