Thursday, September 10, 2009

potty training day 1

It was my son's 2nd birthday yesterday. Billy is now 2 and the terrible twos started a long time ago but that will be for another day. So in honor of him turning 2 I decided to try potty training. He peed on a chair and on the carpet. He did not want to wear his pants without a diaper. He refused so when he did I rewarded him a sticker. Now my daughter is saying, "he wore his pants, he should get a sticker." He's even asking for it. Him being potty trained would make my life a whole lot easier. I put him on the toilet and he says "I can't." (Farsena for my bengali speakers but it sounds more like fatina.)

1 comment:

Constructive Attitude said...

LOL. you gave him a sticker? hahha

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