Friday, June 12, 2009

thursday rewind

The perfect day had to be yesterday...

Me and my kids and mil were sitting on the porch. The men of the house were sleeping. So it makes perfect sense to take kids who are fully awake outside. It was super cold and cloudy. Little did I know it was going to rain. My son was walking when a drop fell. Then more drops fell but he still wanted to stand in the rain. He even begged me to walk with him in the rain. Then a huge down pour but we did not go inside. Instead all of us sat on the porch and watched the rain fall down. That's one of the best memories of rain that I have. One of. Because of course I have many on my mom's porch.

Then in the afternoon, hubby was super tired. So around 5 pm, I climbed into bed next to him to wake him up. Instead he wrapped his arms around me and placed my head on his chest. It felt so nice I would have fallen asleep but he had work in one hour and I would have to watch Billy after he leaves.

Around 5:15, the phone rings. Its my mom saying to come over because her brother and his family are coming over her house to see my mil. So we all get ready and leave.

Its always nice to be around family that you actually LIKE. So the next few hours were spent with people I like talking to.

We got back home at 11 pm. I was exhausted but had to pray Isha (night prayer), otherwise I would fall asleep, in a deep sleep and I did not need that.

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