Thursday, May 14, 2009

poetry night thursday

Lunch is done
birds are singing
Sun is shining
It's a wonderful day

Full of energy
full of life
want to give back
to the world
that gave me so much

want to give back
to my family
and friends

want to travel the world
see Great Wall,
Taj Mahal, go to
Hajj, Eiffel Tower

Life is passing me by
but it does not have to
I will seize the moment
live life.

1 comment:

Softly Spoken said...

Cute poem =)

Actually the blog is going to be a part of CAIR-MI I'm just going to be updating during the summer with the other intern.

It's to recognize people doing something good for Islam -- steering away from the negative media Islam and Muslims usually get.

So yes, it's about a bunch of Muslims and put together by a few ;-)

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