Saturday, May 23, 2009

Nothing to fear but fear itself.

My son has been super scared of animals lately. The other day we were walking around our block and out of nowhere this pit bull started barking at us from behind the fence. I got scared and wanted to run away and Billy fell in the grass from fear. I carried him home. Ever since then he's been afraid of all animals. We went to the Henry Ford Estate and he seen ducks. The ducks were far away. It was momma duck, daddy duck and two little baby ducklings. They were walking in front of us and he was screaming his head off. He kept walking behind me and my little sister. The third fear incident for him was when my sister was vacuuming. He was scared of the vacuum. I hope this fear goes away soon and he does not end up like my daughter who is scared of everything from animals to bawled up threads.

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