Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Life after the chaos

My hubby for the second week now has been training on how to become a truck driver. You, those huge semi trucks that flip over when the wind blows. Scary, I know! I'm freaking out just thinking about it but all I can do is pray for his safety. He is trying to give his brothers courage to finish the training and afterwards they will be on their own. So he comes home from work at 1:30 am. They sleep until 6 am and then pray the morning prayer, Fajr. At 9am its back up again and out the door until 3 pm, all for training. At 4 pm they are all out the door for work, so you might be wondering when do we actually talk or have 5 minutes, just us? Well, the answer will be revealed when I find out, probably on his day off or the weekend. This is getting to be too much for me mentally. I'm at home with the kids all day long. So, usually that means me screaming my head off for them not to fight or taking them outside so they can get their extra energy out, while I scream some more for them not to tear my pretty, red tulips. I still have not taken any pictures of the pretty things.

So what is a girl to do with two kids for 12 hours a day besides scream at them to stop fighting? Any suggestions would be very helpful right about now. I usually have to keep an eye on them and try to find time for myself. This all affects me mentally because by 9:30 or 10:00 I get grumpy with my kids and then my hubby. Of course he knows this but I have not stated it (typical female, yeah yeah I know).

Hopefully tomorrow when I have my doctor's appointment I can run over to the library and grab some books. Something humorous or with history that makes a great read.

To add the cherry to the top of the sundae, my daughter is constantly getting into arguments and fights with my son for no reason at all. My son cries his head off when his dad leaves for work. When hubby is home, Billy does not let go of dad.


Constructive Attitude said...

i still cant believe hes doing it.

Faith in Writing said...

Oh, how old are your kids? I know you can't be actively playing with them all the time, but perhaps get them doing separate activities for a bit if you can. If they're babies then that's harder.

When I nannied, the kids, 4 and 7, would do a puzzle book for 2 hours. Loved it (not me, i thoguht it was boring, lol) but if they're babies it's harder. I just try to get my daughter busy, and if that means letting her empty my tea towel drawer and bringing them all into the lounge, and then asking her to take them back adn then repeat it again, I let her. If she's whinging she's tired or I just ask her to bring me things, then i make a big deal of her for helping me. Get the kids to help you do house stuff... even pretend sweeping, lol. I tell my baby to do anything and she will :) Just keep them busy, but i heard with 2 it's like mental. It's crazy town. I know why my mum used to hit us with the wooden spoon :) although i don't hit my little one.

controlled chaos said...

Wow a truck driver?
That is scary. Maybe there's an automatic button in trucks, like the one they had in The Simpsons. Do you know what episode I'm talking about?
And you should check out your local library. They usually have something going on for kids during the day.

Also, have you tried movies? Structure their day. No joke. I was babysitting these kids whose mom had the entire day laid out. This time come home do hw, snack time, play outside, watch a movie, fruits snack time, story time, play by yourself time (arts, puzzles, dolls etc)...IT would work out pretty well. They would be too tired to fight with each other.

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