Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No candles. No cell. No flashlight.

I lost electricity for like half an hour today. It was terrifying because I had no plan in place. Do I walk to the nearest gas station and call my mom or do I wait for the only neighbor I know on the block and use her phone? It happened and I was unprepared. When stuff like that happens out the blue it takes me back to the past. One time I was in my home country trying to take a nap. My hubby's village finally got electricity powered through solar panels. As I was lying on the bed with another light in the next room but not mine, all the power goes out. You could not even see your hand, it was beyond pitch black. Then another memory of pitch black was a few years back. The entire state was forced into pitch black along with Ohio and Canada. The sky that night was red as if the sky was bleeding blood. It was beyond spooky. The trees that day made my imagination run wild.

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