Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday Flashbacks #5

My older bil was looking at the phone and wondered what is honey bunches. He asked me and I started laughing and saying ask your brother. He kept asking everyone and we laughed harder. Finally my brother was like you're too young to understand what it means.

It was me and my lil sister with my younger bil and my son, all outside on a beautiful spring day. My son loves to walk around in a big space. We do not have a front gate so he can walk all the way to the street if no one keeps an eye on him. My younger bil was walking with him when all of a sudden I see a dog chasing bil and my son in bil's arms just running. Me and my sister were laughing crying.

My son has a thing with pulling his sister's hair out whenever he does not get his ways. While we are my mom's house, he did this. My mom got so fed up with it that she gave a little tug on his hair. After that he would not go near grandma.

My son wants everything his sister has in her hands. They once fought over a Ziploc sandwich bag that had nothing in it!!! Anyways there is this toy that plays tunes that his sister had, so he wanted it. Nearby I saw a comic strip that I would read to her, then he wanted that. We kept taking the comic and tune player until he crumpled the comic and threw it on the floor. Kids will be kids!

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Chuckle said...

they are so annoying when they fight. aaarrrrgh

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