Friday, February 27, 2009

What's this?

My daughter is very observant and remembers many things that you only have said once. (Mashallah). I might give her to madrasha based on her memory to memorize the Quran, we shall see about that, Inshallah (God willing). That is why its a good idea not to say too much in front of her because sooner or later she will remember it and repeat it. Today my older bil was telling me that my daughter is beyond her years (that she is ripe as we say in our language). He was telling me that one day she came and presented a bra to him and here is the rest in dialogue.

Daughter: What's this?
Uncle: I don't know.
Daughter: What is it? (She says this with an attitude and louder voice than before.)
Uncle: It's a bra.
Daughter: Will you buy one for me when I grow up? (She says this patting her chest.)
Uncle: You mean a t-shirt. Yes I'll buy you a t-shirt.
Daughter: No! not a t-shirt. A bra!!

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