Saturday, November 1, 2008

randomness about love

With so much free time, I seem to be thinking a lot these days. I know a friend who is not happy with her guy. She feels like she married the wrong person and even tells another guy that she likes him and that he should have been the one to get married to her. Am I lost as I am writing this? Is this me? NO! Its not ME!

I am beyond happy with the one-of-a-kind-wonderful-loyal-faithful-great-in-everyway possible type of guy. I love him because he supports me in what ever I do. I love him because he makes me feel special. I love him because he is always raising me up even when everyone else puts me down. I love him because he is the only man in my heart and will only be the only man in my heart. I love him, body, soul and mind. I love him. I love him. I love him. I love him because he flirts with me and I forever flirt back with him. I love him because he loves my sarcasm (most of the time) and thinks I'm weird but crazy and then just laughs at me and with me.

Marriage to a person who is from a different country than you is a huge culture shock...There are some days when me and my guy are saying the exact same thing but neither one of us gets it or we do get it but his views and my views are a little off. One good example I could think of is going through someone else's purse without the other person knowing about it. He thinks its no big deal and I'm like "yeah, its an invasion of privacy!"

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Sacrifice4Allah said...

Sounds like you and your husband understand each other well despite the cultural differences. I am all for intercultural marriages! May Allah continue to bless you and make you even more beautiful. Ameen!

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