Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prince Charming

Why, oh, why did I believe the hype about Prince Charming? It seems the more you read and watch and listen to the romantic stories out there, the more you believe them. The happily ever after. But that is all lies and deception. One thing I have recently seen more and more of in our Muslim society is the girls and guys who seem to drool over each other publicly. Yes I'm young (only 26) but when I was a teen, it was such a shameful thing to talk to a guy in public for fear of people watching and blabbing to others. But it is so different these days with people openly saying they have bf's and gf's. Its like "what the hell!" and the kids seem not to care that their parents will find out. Most even tell their parents and end up getting engaged to thier "beloveds" with thier parents approval. Where is society going, the Muslim society?

What is more bizarre is the more a girl is educated in the secular west the more her mind is influenced by the western ideas of freedom, feminism and equal rights. Islam gave us equal rights, both men and women and it has laid down the foundation for society. If people were to follow the correct teachings of Islam, society would be way better.

Another thing that I find odd is when kids are crazy about wanting to know about the "birds and bees" and even explore as young as fifth grade, thier parents think its weird to marry them off at 13. Why is that odd to marry off right when you hit puberty? Yes mentally a girl is not ready for that but shouldn't the parents control their kids from puberty up to marriage and not let them run loose on society creating havoc and chaos?

I am speaking from the heart because all this is making my heart sick. and one of the main principles of Islam is to speak up when you see a wrong and what better way to do that then through my very own blog.

Jazakallah Khair

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