Monday, November 3, 2008

Marriage is hard work

Yes, marriage is hard work but that shouldnt surprise you. Its hard work but in the end if you have a great guy on your side, it is the best gift ever. For instance, me and my hubby can have debates and such and he knows when to take me serious and when to joke. Its never always serious because that would be just horrible. Yesterday we got into how hard it is for the both of us. He has to go to work and deal with people's temperaments and I have to deal with all the rest of the household. He's like this guy is upset, that one is crazy and stuff. He even offered to pay all the bills through snail mail so I don't have to deal with it no more. I get yelled at when stuff goes wrong. One word: Vonage phone service (ok so that was three). Or another one word deal: Chase Freedom. Interest started on my card even though I'm prompt on my payments. There was fees and stuff on the card along with Payment Protector and Chase Fraud Detector. For instance last month, I did not use my card at all but had to pay 72 dollars in fees and interest (shhhh! the hubby does not know).

After all the craziness of marriage, I would not trade my husband for anything. He completes me (yes, cheesy but that's who I am).

Jazakallah khair

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