Friday, October 31, 2008

They got thier visas!

The latest news is that my little uncle from overseas got his visa, along with his wife and 5 kids. 2 of his daughters are over 17, meaning when they get here they need husbands and boy are there so many people in line for them. The other day I cried to my hubby about them (Z and S). If J Sr. marries either of them and they live with me, I will be forever compared to these hooru'eens (Heavenly maidens). They practice purdah more, don't look at men, and the older one can cook some mean food. It is simply delish. So as I was crying and tellin him this he was like not to worry. I was like how? When your mom comes, she is going to expect me to be like them. I can't be like them. I am my own person. Why don't some people get that? He is my knight in shining armor because his reply was that he was going to tell her that she can;t be comparing wives. That is a great idea in theory but reality, it hardly works. My mil already likes Z and if Z becomes her dil then its even more rosier. My Honey Bunches was like to his mom to come with lil uncle and marry J Sr. to Z and she even agreed but who knows what the future holds.

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