Friday, November 19, 2010

mommy wow! i'm a big kid now!

10 Things I miss about being a "kid"

1. They sleep when they want.

2. Food is prepared.

3. Baths are a must every day and time is made to moisturize thier itty bitty bodies.

4. No worries.

5. No bills.

6. No chores.

7. Forever in play mode.

8. Forever with energy that can go all night.

9. Eat whatever you want without gaining weight.

10. Able to cry and not get weird looks or even look weird crying for no reason.


chuck said...

this was cool post

Misstarii said...

No bills *boy I miss that*
Hope you have been well :)

Mutmainnah said...

I loved this

MarjnHomer said...

chuck n mutmainnah-thnx

kenyanista- i miss those days too..i've been well. i'm looking for inspiration here and there..

Farnnay said...


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